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2019 Contemporary Economics Doctoral Innovation Project Winners List


Deng Jiapin

“Resource Misallocation, Financial Intermediation Efficiency, and Social Capital”


Fan Meiting

“The Impact Mechanism of Resource Dependence on the Environmental Total Factor Productivity Growth: Theory and Empirical Evidence of China”


Jin Gang

“Research on the Policy Effect of Local Government Environmental Governance in China”


Liu Chang

“High-powered Incentive in the Public Sector”


Liu Guanchun

“Financial Assets Allocations and Firms' Investment-Financing Decisions: Theory and Evidence from China”


Su Danni

“From Global Value Chain to National Value Chain:Value Chain Growth Effect’s Theory and Evidence from China”


Wu Qunfeng

“Opening-up, Institutional Change and Economic Development”


Xia Xin

“Research on corporate investment and financing based on new financing instruments under financing constraints”


Yu Feng

“China’s High-Speed Railway, Trade Cost and Firm Export”


Zhu Zhujun

“The Determinates and Dynamics of Chinese Export Firms’ Markups: Upgrade from Low Markup Trap to High Quality and High Price”