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The Contemporary Economics Prize Committee of the National Economics Foundation has decided to award the 2019 Contemporary Economics Prize to Lin Yifu and Wei Shangjin for their outstanding contributions in the field of development economics.



Justin Yifu Lin contributes to development economics in the following two fields: the relationship between China's agricultural organization of production and efficiency, and institutional change.



Shang-jin Wei contributes to development economics in the following two fields: theory of competitive savings and the unified calculation framework of international trade under the economic globalization.




The Contemporary Economics Prize is founded and organized by the National Economics Foundation. Prize amount: 2 million Yuan and one gold medal. Prize-winners share the Prize. The purpose of the Prize is to encourage theoretical innovation in the field of economics, to develop economic science, to encourage and promote Chinese economists to contribute to the prosperity of human economic science by awarding Chinese scholars who have made outstanding contributions to economics.                                                  

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