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In the morning of December 4th, 2016, the inaugural awarding ceremony of China Economics Prize and China Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Prize in Economics was held by the National Economics Foundation in Beijing. Professor QIAN Yingyi of Tsinghua University and Professor XU Chenggang of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business won the first China Economics Prize for their contributions to the research of government and enterprise incentive mechanisms in the transition economy.

Congratulation Speech

Acceptance Speech

  • Qian Yingyi:Acceptance speech

    One of the most important global economic events in 20th century was human tried to replace market economy with plan economy and wished to create an economic operating system which is more efficient a.....[详细]

  • Xu Chenggang:The Pitfalls of a Centralized Bureaucracy

    The common subject shared by the aforementioned sections is the solving of incentive problems in different institutions, including solving bureaucrats’ inventive problems in a bureaucratic hierarchy .....[详细]

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