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In the afternoon of December 4, 2016, the 2nd Great Minds China Forum was held under the organization of National Economics Foundation. The forum entails five topics and provides an academic feast for renowned professors of economics and chief editors of world’s leading academic journals.

Topic One: China’s Economic Growth: a Historical and Empirical Perspective

Topic Two: Investment, Mismatch and China’s Economic Growth: Challenges and Opportunities

Topic Three: Mechanism Design Theory and Its Significance in China’s Reforms, Development and Governance

Topic Four: Will China Fall into the Mid-Income Trap?

Topic Five: Research Frontier of Econometrics 

China's Economic Growth: A Historical and Empirical Perspective

  • Ma Debin: When did Chinese economy begin to fall behind?

    The research on economic history might not provide a perfect answer for the current issues that we are faced with. However, when reviewing what Mr. Deng Xiaoping said when he visited the southern Chin.....[详细]

  • James Kai-sing Kung

    Here my advice is, one may adopt the strategy of “walking on two legs” (a famous saying of Chairman Mao in the context of strategizing China’s economic development); to wit, one can certainly work .....[详细]

Investment, Mismatch and China's Economic Growth: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Song Zheng:“bulky” economy

    What is the possible result of relaxing financial control? The economy will turn from the “granular” one in the past three decades to a “bulky” one. The “Bulkiness” not only refers to the size, .....[详细]

  • Bai Chong’en:The New Dual Structure of Chinese Economy

    local governments choose some enterprises and help them get across some difficulties, what are the consequences? Local governments control many resources and they can help enterprises from various per.....[详细]

Mechanism Design Theory and Its Significance to China's Reform, Development and Governance

Will China Fall into the Middle-income Trap?

Frontiers of Econometrics