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Wu Jinglian:China Economics Prize Awards Speech
I would like to say that the decision of National Economics Foundation to award the “China Economics Prize 2016” to Professor Yingyi Qian and Professor Chenggang Xu
video congratulation message from Professor János Kornai
Economists can delve into a hundred topics which focus exclusively on the question of how to increase economic efficiency, interpreting the term ‘efficiency’ in a narrow, technocratic way. However, in this profession we need also scientists who are able to face difficulties with courage, who do not abstain from revealing deep contradictions. Nobody could possibly undertake this huge responsibility from the outside
video congratulation message from Professor Eric Maskin
Another important collaboration between Chenggang and Yingyi, together with Gérard Roland, is their work on M-forms versus U-forms in comparative economics. So there’s a famous distinction going back to the industrial organization literature between firms that have U-forms, which means that they are centrally organized, and they’ll have their sales division, they’ll have their body division and they’ll have their marketing division
congratulation letter from professor Oliver Hart
I want to say how delighted I am to learn that you are the winners of the First China Economics Prize. It is great news for two reasons. First, that such a prize has been established. And second, that it has been awarded to the two of you.