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November 18th, 2017, the inaugural awarding ceremony of China Economics Prize and China Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Prize in Economics was held by the National Economics Foundation in Beijing. Professor Gregory C. Chow and Professor Xiaohong Chen won the 2017 China Economics Prize for their outstanding contributions on theoretical econometric research.

Acceptance Speech

Congratulation Speech

Video Congratulation

  • James J. Heckman

    It’s my great pleasure to be part of the ceremonies of the China Economics Foundation, and particularly the award of it’s 2017 prizes.....[详细]

  • Dwight H. Perkins

    Noble Prizes are nice, but that are not the most important thing in the world. The important thing is that China has many good economists now, and some very good economists even at high levels in the .....[详细]

  • Manuel Arellano

    Measurement affects behavior We are going to see these effects in a stronger way to the extent that measurement will become at the same time a powerful policy tool in itself as well as a tool for poli.....[详细]

  • Richard Blundell

    congratulations to both of you, to Gregory Chow and to Xiaohong Chen, both influential and so important to me, actually, in different ways of my early and my recent career. So congratulations to both .....[详细]

  • Whitney Newey

    There is really a bright future in econometrics, this huge increase in applied macro has open the door for many econometric developments......[详细]

Letter Congratulation

  • Christopher A. Sims

    Though Gregory and Xiaohong are very different in many ways, they have one characteristic in common that is important to me as their colleague — they are both unfailingly good humored and always read.....[详细]

  • Roger H. Gordon

    First and foremost, both are distinguished and highly productive econometricians Let me not pretend to talk about their econometrics contributions, though......[详细]

  • Guoqiang Tian

    I am very delighted to learn that Professors Gregory C. Chow and Xiaohong Chen have won the 2017 China Economics Prize for their outstanding contributions on econometrics research......[详细]

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Summary of Achievements

  • Bai Jushan

    It is an honor for econometric field that National Economics Foundation decided to award Professor Gregory Chow and Professor Chen Xiaohong 2017 China’s Economics Prize,.....[详细]

  • Hong Yongmiao

    In recent years, Gregory still pays regular visits to universities in mainland China and Hong Kong, and continues to give advice and supports to the development of economics education.....[详细]

  • Tong Li

    I have known Xiaohong for over twenty five years, and we have been close friends since our graduate student days at UC San Diego in early 90s.....[详细]

  • Sun Yixiao

    Even though Xiaohong has become a prominent figure in econometrics, she is friendly, approachable, and down-to-earth.....[详细]

  • Ai Chunrong

    I met with Chen Xiaohong when both of us just started our career. Since then, common interest and pursuit has brought us together and formed lifetime friendship.....[详细]

  • Hong Han

    it is not possible to enumerate all of Professor Chen’s work in this short document. This brief document only serves to illustrate a small portion of Profession Chen’s profound and record-breaking c.....[详细]