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Outstanding Doctoral Thesis on China’s Economics Research is the award founded and led by the National Economics Foundation. The purpose is to promote exploring spirits in academic economics education, and to encourage economic science theoretical innovation.

The award amount for each paper is 100,000RMB, and a silver medal. We will select 10 papers each year in the amount of 1,000,000RMB.

The nominators are composed of directors from mainland schools of economics & research institutions, and directors from schools of economics & research institutions in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.



Dr. Shu, Cai

Winning Paper:

Liquidity Constraints, Income Generation, and well-being: Three Essays in Development Economics

Supervised by Albert Park

Graduated University: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Current Unit: Jinan University



Dr. Zhenhua, Jiao

Winning Paper:

The stability, Pareto efficiency and incentive compatibility in two-sided matching problems

Supervised by Tian Guoqiang

Graduated University: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Current Unit: Shanghai University of International Business and Economics



Dr. Weiming, Li 

Winning Paper:

Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Models from Time Aggregated Data

Supervised by Chong-en, Bai& Han, Hong

Graduated University: Tsinghua University

Current Unit: Capital University of Economics and Business


Dr. Xiaoguang, Liu

Winning Paper:

Understanding Chinese Economy in a Perspective of Labor Migration

Supervised by Feng, Lu& Guoqing, Song

Graduated University: Beijing University

Current Unit: Renmin University of China



Dr. Guangrong, Ma

Winning Paper:

Institutional Change, Firm Performance and Economic Growth in a Transition Economy

Supervised by Gang, Fan& Lixing, Li

Graduated University: Beijing University

Current Unit: Renmin University of China



Dr. Zhifu, Mi

Winning Paper:

Climate change integrated assessment models and their applications

Supervised by Yiming, Wei

Graduated University: Beijing Institute of Technology

Current Unit: University of East Anglia



Dr. Wenbo, Shao

Winning Paper:

Capital Informationization and the Changing Labor Demand: Research Based on Manufacturing

Supervised by Kunwang, Li

Graduated University: Nankai University

Current Unit: SPD Bank



Dr. Sanbai, Sun

Winning Paper:

Inequality of Opportunity, Migration and Spatial Optimization 

Supervised by Junjie, Hong

Graduated University: University of International Business and Economics

Current Unit: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences



Dr. Lijia, Tan

Winning Paper:

Behavioral Investigations of Procurement Auction Mechanisms

Supervised by Zongwu, Cai

Graduated University: Xiamen University

Current Unit: Tianjin University



Dr. Jiayun, Xu

Winning Paper:

The Study of RMB Exchange Rate and Chinese Manufacturing Export Enterprises’ Activity:Theory and Evidence in View of Firm Heterogeneity

Supervised by Jiadong, Tong

Graduated University: Nankai University

Current Unit: Tsinghua University