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2018 Outstanding Doctoral Thesis on Economics Research in China Winners List



Dengke Chen

“Allocative Efficiency of Resources in China”


Xiaomin Cui

“A Study on Domestic Value-added in Exports and Quality of Trade”


Jiechao Gao

“A Research on Coordination of Banking Capital Regulation and Monetary Policy”


Chao Huang

“Size of Assignment, Stability and Strategic Behavior in Market Design”


Xin Li

“Impact of Environmental Regulation on Haze Pollution”


Yang Liu

“Investment, financing and capital structure in PE fund”


Qian Wang

“Assessment Models for Distributional Impact of Carbon Pricing Mechanisms and Their Applications”


Wuyue You

“Women's Political Participation and Gender Equalization in Chinese Society, 1950-1990: Sex Imbalances and Gender Educational Gaps”


Hongsheng Zhang

 “Trade Liberalization, Financing Constraint and China’s Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading”


Yuxiao Zhang

“The Dynamic Relationship between Local Governments and Firms in China”