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Richard Blundell

Congratulations to Gregory Chow and Xiaohong Chen for being awarded this wonderful prize and so deserve it, both of you.


Let me say a few words because I’ve known you over my career and I’ve learnt from both of you.


First, my experience with Gregory, such a wonderful econometrician and economist, influence a school of many generations. I remember when I first came to Princeton to give an econometrics seminar, I discussed with Gregory, and (he) hugely influenced on my work and other’s work. We all of course know of the Chow test, but it’s much more than the Chow test Gregory has influenced us, on our econometrics thinking, teaching of econometrics, and our understanding of dynamics and solving optimal problems. Well, thank you Gregory, from me personally, for all you’ve done for us, and congratulations on this prize, fantastic!


Xiaohong, what can I say, we’ve been friends and co-authors, and we’ve worked together now over some 20 years, and I’ve learnt so much from you and it’s been a real pleasure to work with you. I should say that Xiaohong, you’ve really pushed the boundaries of econometrics forward in very important ways, exploring new semiparametric estimators and nonlinear measurement errors and many aspects of modern econometrics, perhaps defining in a way where the frontier is of modern econometrics. So we are all grateful to you, we know you’re gonna continue with this splendid work.


So congratulations to both of you, to Gregory Chow and to Xiaohong Chen, both influential and so important to me, actually, in different ways of my early and my recent career. So congratulations to both and enjoy the prize.


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