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2020 Contemporary Economics Doctoral Innovation Project

2020 Contemporary Economics Doctoral Innovation Project Winners List



Chen Qiaoyi  

Effects of Firm-level Energy Saving Policies in China: A QuasiNatural Experiment Based on the “Top1000 Energy Saving Program”


Hou Fangyu

“A Study on the Effectiveness Boundary of Industrial Policies: A Theoretical Framework of Incomplete Contract Theory”


Hou Xinyu

“Dynamic Adjustment of Foreign Investment Regulation Policy, Input Market and Export Performance”


Li Changhong  

“Within-Family Resource Allocation Decisions and Human Capital Formation”


Li Zhuangyuan  

“Research on the Function and Optimization of Public Service in Economic Growth——An Empirical Study on the Development of China and OECD Countries”


Ling Yonghui  

“A Study on the Domestic Demand Oriented Global Value Chains”


Niu Yingjie

“Corporate investment and dynamic agency under model uncertainty”


Wang Xilin

“Effects of Market Structure on Innovation and Economic Growth: Analysis Based on Minimum Wage, Patent Protection and R&D Subsidies”


Zhang Rui  

“Product Quality of China’s Trade in Manufacturing: Perspectives from Trade Cost and Firm Heterogeneity”


Zhao Xuxia  

“Government Debt Causes and Risks ResearchThe Analysis Perspective of Dynamic Linkage between Financial and Fiscal”